History of the Clow Creek Farm

A Brief Look at the Naperville Clow Farm

1850’s Clow Creek Farm Residence

The Clow family’s original residence on Clow Creek Farm was built in the 1840s. The one-and- and-a-half story home was made out of rough-cut limestone. The family used the top floor as a residence and kept cattle and livestock on the ground floor. Eventually the Clow family built a separate barn for livestock. The second home was the ice house that provided all the ice to the area residents, most of whom were farmers.

Original Clow Creek Barn

Limestone used to construct the original building has been reserved for a monument commemorating the Clow family, as well as given to the Naperville Heritage Society.

1939 Clow Farm Dairy Barn

While many builders were interested in purchasing the property, the Clow family chose to sell their Farm to Nick in 2018 in large part due to his respect for Naperville and its history. Having lived in the community for many years, Nick formed a friendship with the Clow family – who trusted him to uphold the beauty and significance of their historical land.